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Training Solutions

Apartment Leasing Solutions offers fun, engaging apartment leasing seminars and training classes to enhance and improve your on site teams leasing performance!  All apartment leasing classes and seminars can be personalized for your specific needs to give you the results you need. 

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"Excellent!!"  "Great learning experience for those new and veterans to the industry!"  

"I loved the leasing seminar! I feel so much better about leasing and finding new

ways to excel in my position!" 

"Laura is an AWESOME presenter!"  

"That was the MOST fun class we've ever been to!!

Wish we could bottle Laura's energy & enthusiasm!!"

"Our team came back so pumped, they booked 14 appointments THAT DAY!!" 

Seminar and Training Solutions
Superstar Leasing Skill Classes only $149!! Additional attendees only $49!!

  • Customer Service For The Apartment Industry
  • Terrific Telephone Techniques - get them off the phone & in your door!
  • First Impressions - 5 seconds to make an impression - make it count!
  • Introduction & Guest Cards - discover prospects wants & needs for effective apartment tours
  • Touring & Demonstration - learn how to get prospects involved, make the most of your community, amenities and increase your products knowledge 
  • Effective Closing - what are buying signals?  Dozens of closing techniques to fit any prospect or leasing style

  • **Add Fair Housing introduction for the multifamily industry for just $49!! Covers protected classes, how t 

We offer Secret Shops & Evaluations start at just $99.00!

Professional secret shops of leasing agents is imperative in the apartment industry!  Complete professional phone and in person secret shops of your leasing agents to praise great service, or assess where improvement may be needed. Timely, affordable secret shops!